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About the Solway Buzz


How the Buzz was Funded

Ongoing costs are mainly for printing each edition and this is paid for by the advertising in each edition.
All local labour is provided free of charge by a large body of volunteers, most of whom are involved in door to door deliveries each month.  The paper is also created by Peter McRobert and is then printed by commercial printers, this is our only fixed cost. Other start-up costs were all purchased using grants and donations provided by the following:

Funder Value Purpose of Grant
Silloth-on-Solway Community Shop 330 To start-up costs
Horizon Image Technology (Wigton Observer) 500 Digital camera
Cumbria Community Foundation Recovery Fund 1,000 Computer software
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Forum 250 To start-up costs
Cumbria Community Foundation Champion Fund 2,000 Computer & software training
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Forum 500 Printer for proofs
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Forum 500 Setting up web site
Cumbria County Council Neighbourhood Forum 500 Extending web site
Silloth-on-Solway Community Shop 500 Towards large monitor
Cumbria Community Foundation 2,180 New computer & software
Allerdale Community Fund 1,000 New camera & equipment

Thanks to the ongoing support of our advertisers the Solway Buzz has now been self funded for several years.

Without the continuing support of the advertisers to cover the costs of producing the paper and the support of the rest of the community who supply articles and photographs this wonderful little paper would not survive.

Please continue to support our advertisers by using their services and mentioning the Buzz when you do use them, they will continue advertising so long as they know they are getting value for money from their advertisements and we do need them all.

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